10 Tips for Staying at an All-Inclusive Resort

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Here are 10 tips to all-inclusive resorts; some will seem like no-brainers, but others are  learned the hard way.

1. Don’t forget about airport transportation.

2. Keep your valuables safe

3. Tips aren’t always included  

4. Bring a brand new bottle of sunblock

5. Take it easy with the food.

6. Plan some downtime. 

7. Bring your own cup and watch the pour. 

8. Look into Kids’ Camp. 

9. Plan ahead for excursions & other activities.

10. Be prepared to disconnect from WiFi. 

Grand Canyon Map

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The Grand Canyon Map provides details on attractions in the area, itineraries for half day, full day and two day visits. This Grand Canyon map is a valuable resource when visiting Grand Canyon South Rim.

Grand Canyon Map

Now is the Best Time to Book Summer Travel

Now is the Best Time to Book Summer Travel

Ultimate Chile Vacation!! 

ACCOMMODATIONS•3 Nights Santiago•3 Nights Easter Island•3 Nights Puerto Natales


All Ground Transfers plus

 Bus Ticket from Puerto Natales

 to Punta Arenas

Santiago City Tour

Orongo Village &

Torres del Paine National Park

 Tour plus Lunch

Serrano & Balmaceda Glaciers

 Tour plus Lunch•Daily Breakfast

ARRIVAL SANTIAGO: Fronting the snowcapped Andes; the Chilean capital is a blend of colonial and modern architecture. There are lovely parks and gardens, excellent museums, fine restaurants and great shopping. Arrival greeting and transfer to your selected hotel.

(Accommodations, Santiago)

SANTIAGO:After breakfast, take a tour:

Santiago City Tour

One of the best ways to experience Santiago is through its historical development. You will begin your excursion by passing Santa Lucia Hill, which is called Huelen in the native Aborigin dialect. It came about by the Spanish conqueror Pedro Valdivia who founded the city, and gave the name Santiago de Nueva Extremadura, in honor of the apostle Santiago, who was the patron Saint of Spain.

You will continue to Plaza de Armas (Main Square), which is the central point of the city`s earliest urbanization. Today, the buildings of the Cathedral, the main post office, the National Historic Museum and the Municipalidad de Santiago (city council) are situated around the square. You will wander around in Plaza de la Constitucion square, where you will have the privilege of seeing La Moneda government palace. Here, you will learn about the historical milestones from Independence to present day.

Finally, visit the Pre-Colombino Art Museum where more than three decades have passed since Sergio Larrain Garcia-Moreno and the Municipality of Santiago founded the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art. It was a pioneering initiative for Latin America to create an institution to guard, study, and disseminate the artistic legacy of all pre-Columbian peoples of America, without regard to political boundaries that today divide countries.

(Breakfast, Accommodations, Santiago)

SANTIAGO TO EASTER ISLAND: Transfer to the airport for a flight to Easter Island in the South Pacific, one of the most remote islands in the world. Airport greeting and transfer to hotel. Relax by the pool, go to the beach or start exploring on your own. Dinner and overnight in Rapa Nui (Polynesian name for Easter Island).

(Breakfast, Santiago; Accommodations, Easter Island)

EASTER ISLAND:After breakfast, take a tour:

Private Orongo including Ceremonial Village

You will leave your hotel at Hanga Roa and set off for Rano Kao, a volcano whose crater is now a fresh water lake covered with reeds. The main highlight, though, is a stopover at Orongo, stone village and ceremonial center near the crater. It was here that the annual tangata manu or birdman ceremony (a foot race) was performed by the natives. Today, this rite takes place every summer. There are over 100 petroglyphs representing the islanders’ supreme diety Make Make, the birdman, and sooty terns, a seabird known in the Rapa Nui language as manutara. You will also visit the caves at Ana Kai Tangata the cavern walls of which are covered with primitive paintings. You can also step out upon the Ahu Vinapu, a ceremonial platform that is famous for its architectural perfection; today, its construction is still a mystery.

(Breakfast, Accommodations, Easter Island)

EASTER ISLAND:After breakfast, take a tour:

Private Anakena Tour with Lunch

You will leave your hotel in Hanga Roa to begin your journey along the route that passes by the Moai: huge statues carved from volcanic rock lining the perimeter of the island that make Easter Island famous. You will also visit the ahus, which are ceremonial platforms upon which some of the statues stand: first is Ahu Vaihu, surrounded by enormous statutes that have been knocked over and are lying face down. Next is Ahu Akahanga, which is the burial spot of the first king of the island. Your next destination is Rano Raraku on the southern coast and at the foot of the extinct volcano Poike, which possesses the island’s most spectacular crater.

This is where the islanders sculpted these stone giants. After this break, you will head out to Ahu Tongariki, which has the largest number of moais on the island, 15 to be exact. This spot was washed away during a tidal wave that struck Easter Island in 1960, but it was restored, thanks primarily to the efforts of Japanese foundations. Finally, you will visit Ahu Te Pito Kura, where there is a huge spherical stone and the largest moai on the island. Your last stop is Anakena, an incredibly lovely beach. You will return to your hotel at Hanga Roa.

(Breakfast, Accommodations, Easter Island)

EASTER ISLAND TO SANTIAGO: Following breakfast, transfer to the airport for your flight to Santiago. Take the day to relax or explore with one of our optional tours.

(Breakfast, Easter Island; Accommodations, Santiago)

SANTIAGO TO PUERTO NATALES:Transfer to the airport for your flight to Punta Arenas (we recommend arriving into Punta Arenas by 1:00 pm or earlier to connect to a 1:00 pm or 2:30 pm bus), and then transfer to the bus terminal where you will board a regular scheduled bus to Puerto Natales. The journey takes you past large estancias and fields of grazing sheep, with mountains far away on the horizon. You will be met at the bus station and transferred to your hotel with a view of the Sound.

(Breakfast, Santiago; Accommodations, Puerto Natales)

PUERTO NATALES:After breakfast, take a tour:

Private Torres del Paine With Lunch

After lunch the trip continues with a walk on the shores of Grey Lake, where blue icebergs can be seen, and in the background the vast Grey glacier.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Accommodations, Puerto Natales)

PUERTO NATALES:After breakfast, take a tour:

Shared Serrano and Balmaceda Tour With Lunch

This voyage starts from Puerto Natales Pier at 8:00 a.m.

Once passengers are on board, enjoy a snack served by the crew as the vessel sails through Puerto Bories. This port is a National Historical Monument. For more than 60 years, it was the most important cold-store in the area. Its brickwork and industrial post English Victorian architecture stand-out within the area. The trip continues to Guanaco Island, where small and wonderful Tonina dolphins and sea lions will be spotted. Through Estancia Margot, the trip continues to Pared de Cormoranes (Wall of Cormorants), where hundreds of cormorants can be seen spreading their wings at the wind.

You will then continue to Punta de Lobos, where Agunsa-Tonina stops to visit Cascada de Cóndores (Condor Cascade).

The trip continues to Balmaceda’s Glacier. In Puerto Toro, passengers disembark to start a one-hour walk by the lake shore and through a native forest of coigües, towards Serrano Glacier, where they can enjoy the amazing vegetation with the contrast of clean sky and sea ice, all of this with the unique flavor of a whisky with millenary glacier ice and a second snack.

Finally, depart from Puerto Toro, to Eberhard Fjord. Here, passengers enjoy a short walk through Puerto Consuelo ranch. You can enjoy a delicious barbecue on a big skewer/Magellan lamb barbecue at a quincho (special area where barbecues are prepared) at the Eberhard ranch. Departure to Puerto Natales and passengers disembark at 5:00 p.m. approx.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Accommodations, Puerto Natales)

DEPARTURE:After breakfast, transfer to Punta Arenas before continuing on to your next Avanti destination.

(Breakfast, Puerto Natales)

Stylebook the packing App

Article by Jess Atkins

Leaving for a unexpected trip at the last minute means rushing to pack, but it doesn’t have to be stressful if you use Stylebook’s packing feature!  Don’t have much free time to plan what to pack. If  your wardrobe was cataloged in Stylebook, you could use the pack-by-outfit method to quickly put together a packing list.

Stylebook.  Can help you become a packing superstar – in fact, It can show you how to fit twelve outfits inside a carry on! Even with advance notice, overpacking can be your number one problem – seriously. If  you are a “what if” packer: what if it rains, what if it’s hotter than I expected (or colder), what if we go to a fancy dinner?  You will just toss a million random items in your largest suitcase and pray it was under 50 lbs. The worst part is you usually wound end up wearing only a small fraction of the clothes You packed. With current airline baggage fees, this isn’t the best approach. You definitely would rather use the $25 fee on a dinner out at your destination – and skip the wait at the baggage carousel. Thanks to Stylebook’s method of packing by outfit, you  can make sure everything inside your bag will be worn .

You can still be a “what if” packer to some extent, but now each item that you pack has a purpose. With Stylebook it’s so easy. Start by creating a new packing list and then begin browsing your saved outfits. Select an outfit for each day. Then, if you still have room, allow yourself one or two “what if” looks. 

Always make sure to pack an outfit for dinner at a fancy restaurant, casual looks, and something suitable for an outdoor excursion. Once you selected the outfits  the app automatically generates a checklist of the individual clothes you need to bring. That’s it! It takes just a few minutes to select what you want to pack. Here are some things you might consider while looking for outfits:

Is the outfit in season for the destination? Is it weather-appropriate?

Have I worn this outfit on previous vacations? Did it work out?

Can I use any of the items in this outfit in other looks as well?

Are any of the clothes included easily wrinkled or uncomfortable to wear?

Number three is the most important. If you choose multiple outfits that use the same item, you can save space in your bag and have more options. It’s easy to find outfits like this inside Stylebook by viewing the “Used In Looks” screen on the notes page of a clothing item. This will show a list of every outfit that you ever saved that uses that clothing item.

Allow yourself one “what if” outfit, which is an look for a rainy day. Check the weather report before you leave and see if there is any chance of rain.

Other advantage of packing with this method is you can reference your outfits while on the trip. Stylebook’s packing list doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can use it even if you don’t have any cell service. This makes getting dressed fast and easy and ensures you won’t forget why you packed something. 

Finally, here is how you can actually fit all 12 of your outfits inside your carry-on, along with your shoes, accessories, and toiletries. Below are some suitcase packing tips and tricks!

Use a large packing cube to pack your clothing items into one flat container – Basically, you fold your items to the size of the cube and velcro or zip it shut. This prevents clothes from flying out if you need to take anything out of your bag in transit and it compresses everything so you can fit more items.

Use a small packing cube for undergarments and swimwear – You can layer three pairs at a time, roll them up and place them in your narrow packing cube.

Use negative space – Stuff the crown of your hat with extra clothing items that didn’t fit in your packing cube to help the hat keep its shape and to use the space more efficiently. You can also fill the  space  around your hat with bags of toiletries. If you don’t bring a hat, you can also fit your toiletries into your shoes or next to your packing cube.

Consider flat shoes – Flat shoes can fit right under the packing cube and basically don’t take up any space. Plus, you know you’ll be comfortable wearing them.

Minimize your liquids – To minimize and prevent prevent any unwanted spills, try to substitute solid sticks or wipes for liquid toiletry items (deodorant, makeup remover, face wash, etc)

Use your Stylebook checklist – As you pack your bag, check off each item inside Stylebook  so you don’t forget anything!

Using your virtual closet and packing by outfit makes it easy to pack confidently and quickly. You’ll know that everything you’re packing is there for a reason, and can be used as part of a well-planned outfit. And once you’ve made your choices, the checklist feature will help you quickly pull together the different clothing items you’ll need on your trip. Try Stylebook the next time you travel!

Start planning your Spring and Summer Beach Vacation today.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, for your Spring Breake Vacation?

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park offers a wide variety of natural resources including 3.2 miles of secluded, white sand beaches with majestic dunes over 25 feet tall. Three rare coastal dune lakes provide excellent freshwater fishing. Although boats are not allowed, fishing from the shoreline yields bass, bream, panfish, and catfish.

Lakes, pristine beaches, old-growth long leaf pines, sand pine scrub, and a variety of wetlands offer a bird-watching and hiking paradise. Visitors may bike, walk, or enjoy a quick ride to the beach on the tram service to swim, fish, sunbathe, or beachcomb.

A full-facility campground features a swimming pool, tennis courts, and shuffleboard courts. Furnished bungalows are available for weekly stays. A camp store offers a variety of camping items, as well as snacks and drinks. Located in Santa Rosa Beach on the West end of Scenic 30A.

Throughout the year, there are ranger-led interpretive programs with topics that include fishing in the surf, freshwater fishing, beachcombing and learning about burning. Other guided tours offer wildlife discussions on sea turtles, alligators, sharks, butterflies, the Choctawhatchee Beach mouse, shore birds and birds of prey. Check ranger activities for program details.

The park’s options of tent and RV sites, cabins and bungalows make this a perfect destination for family-friendly year-round vacations. A tram carries guests to the beach, but visitors can also walk or ride bikes along the paved path to the shore. There are 13 miles of hiking trails for those wishing to explore the 1,640-acre park.

Guided tours like the beachcombing interpretive walk are fun for the whole family. Head to the beach where the rangers teach you what to look for there. You can discover the difference between sea beans and egg casings or the type of shells you find scattered along the shoreline. Other interpretive programs are guided walks where rangers take a group out to look at flora and fauna or visit the various ecosystems at the park.

Another interpretive offering features sea turtles. A hands-on turtle program on the beach demonstrates the various turtle crawls. To recreate the actions of a nesting sea turtle, children crawl around obstacles as she would to get to a safe and protected spot to lay her eggs.

There are also puppet shows, mainly for children but adults enjoy them as well.

Breakfast with a ranger provides biscuits and gravy, eggs, pancakes, orange juice and coffee for $4. While visitors eat breakfast, a ranger answers questions about the park and park life. The entrance fee is waived for this event.

Topsail was recently selected as one of the top campgrounds in the country providing tours and events. Although the summer is a busy time with lots of activities, there is always something happening a Topsail.

For a schedule of events, contact the park at (850) 267-8330.