Wild West Weekend in Yuma

A weekend visit to Yuma offers both the charm of a small American town and a unique glimpse back to the days of the Wild West. Yuma has less than 100,000 citizens, though it is estimated its population doubles in the winter when the snowbirds come to town. Yuma has quite a mix of things to do that highlight its small town charms and Wild West history. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path, Yuma definitely fits the bill with the types of attractions that can only be found in a small town.  

Cars and More Cars

The Cloud Museum began in 1989 when proprietor Johnny Cloud rented out his farm land and got stir crazy with nothing to do. He started collecting and displaying his collection on his property for his own enjoyment. People began driving by and stopping to take a look around, so he built a small fence and started charging $1.00. Then one day someone stole some gas pumps, so he put up a bigger fence and started charging $5.00. 

The Cloud Museum’s collection includes cars, trucks, tractors, tools, household equipment, and more, and the collection continues to grow. Johnny Cloud will rattle off the numbers of his collection so quickly you will not be able to retain any  of the list except that there are Model As, Model Ts, and 99 of one of those, so while the sign will say there are more than 110 cars, I’d say the number is much, much larger. Romeo could have literally spent all day examining the collection, and you will have fun trying to identify all the random pieces of household equipment and discovering some you had never seen before.

Heavy Artillery

On the way from the Cloud Museum to the Castle Dome Mine Museum you will pass through the Yuma Proving Ground. After agriculture, the military is Yuma’s second largest economic source. The Yuma Proving Ground is part of the United States Army and is one of the largest military installations in the world, used for testing military systems and equipment. Yuma is the perfect location for such a large test range because of its big empty spaces and the fact that it holds the Guinness World Record as the sunniest city on earth, meaning tests can be run year round. Along the road you will see random pieces of military equipment like a helicopter, tanks, and missile launchers.

Ghost Town

While Rome could have spent all day at the Cloud Museum, the Castle Dome Mine Museum is a favorite of vistors. Castle Dome was a silver mine and the town was bigger than Yuma in 1878. The mine was in operation from 1864 to 1979, when it closed because the price of silver plummeted and the process of mining silver was no longer profitable. Castle Dome City had small beginnings with a brush house, an adobe house, two tents and two fenced lots. Over time it gained a school, five bars, two stores, a church, a sheriff’s office and jail, a blacksmith shop, and family homes. 

Today Castle Dome Mine Museum contains what is left of Castle Dome City’s buildings. You will love being able to explore these remnants of the old Wild West. The ghost town museum is located in the middle of Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and is reached by following a gravel road for a few miles, with nothing around but desert. There are two sections to the museum. The first has the highest concentration of buildings very close together, while the other has a few buildings spaced out with a dirt trail to follow which also passes the Castle Dome cemetery and leftover mine shafts.

Festivals and Rodeos and Shootouts, Oh My!

In addition to the always available things to do in Yuma, Yuma is constantly hosting special events. On any given weekend there can be five to 10 special events occurring around the city and outlying areas. For instance, Martin Luther King weekend had  three special events just in one day. 

Feeding into the small town vibe of your weekend getaway, visit the neighboring town of Wellton 30 miles east of Yuma but still part of Yuma County, to attend the Wellton-Mohawk Tractor Rodeo. The tractor rodeo, sponsored by the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center is held every third Saturday in January. The tractor rodeo takes place at the Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation & Drainage District grounds and feels very much like a small town county fair. You can sit on bales of hay and watch the Antique Tractor Pull, a display of the power of classic and antique tractors. Restored tractors line up and take their turn at trying to tow a tractor pull sled down the entire length of track as a weight shifts forward to make it heavier and heavier. The goal is to make it to the end of the track without the weight becoming too much for the tractor, making its wheels spin in the earth when forward movement has halted. In addition to the tractor pull, there are rides for the kids, antique car and tractor displays, old engine displays, live music, a biscuit and sausage breakfast, and a barbecue beef lunch.

Next head out to the N.R. Adair Park shooting ranges, 15 miles east of Yuma, for the Territorial Prison Breakout, which has been put on by The Yuma MatchMasters, Inc for the past 20 years. If you really are into competition you will like this.  The Cowboy Division, or Colorado River Shootists, is a SASS affiliated club and holds monthly matches, but the Territorial Prison Breakout is a two-day annual match that is held every Martin Luther King weekend. The shooters dress up in their old western wear and shoot old west firearms on a course of different shooting stages which are set up with old Wild West props like saloons, livery stables, and general stores. Spectators are welcome at the matches as long as they wear eye and ear protection. At first you will feel a little out of place, but as you watch the matches there is always a club member or two who want to engage you in conversation, explain the rules, and answer any questions, and a few will even try to recruit you to join the SASS. The thought of shooting at targets while dressed in western gear is very tempting, and the activity is perfectly suited for the Arizona desert.

Das Bratwurst Haus host the German Fest on Madison in Downtown Yuma. German Fest is a small block party with German beer, German food from Das Bratwurst Haus restaurant, German music, dancing, and activities for the kids. It’s a small festival spanning two blocks and attracts people of all ages who want to have a bite to eat and a little entertainment.

You will have such a great time visiting quirky museums and attending the types of events that aren’t easy to find in a big city. Yuma’s eclectic mix of attractions and events allow visitors to experience what it’s like to be in a small town with friendly people and a Wild West past. 

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