How safe are Airbnb’s? 

Safe is a huge focus for Airbnb, and even with all the safety measures in place, bad things happen. But just as you know it’s better to walk in a group at night, and to wear your seatbelt when you drive, there are numerous features in place to help your stay at Airbnb’s safe. 

Here are some tips:

Check for reviews:

This is one way to check what previous customers have written about their stay. If you care about your safety, then take some time to read the reviews.  

Check for badges

On each Airbnb page, you will find a ‘Trust’ section. In this trust section you will be able to verify the owners  (e.g. drivers license / passport),  and how many total reviews they have and their rating. 

View the guest / host’s profile

Click on the owners image and view the owners profile. You should also contact the owner before you confirm your booking.  

My last piece of advice, is to keep Airbnb’s Customer Service Number handy in case of emergencies.