Where would you prefer to sit on an airplane?

Article by Team Gurus

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Aisle Seats,

Most would prefer window and aisle but I am absolutely sure many would ignore the middle seat and I’m one of ’em as well.

Though window seat offers you a spectacular view of lands, sun, sky, the aisle seat offers you to be free and get out of your seat whenever you need to stretch your legs.

Though you might wanna stand up/unfold your tray and give up your way sometimes since middle/window seaters might wanna have a small walk or two.

For them past 2-3 flights, I have been choosing the aisle seat on the tail of the plane. Why is it so? Long journies (8 hrs – Delhi to Amsterdam and 11 hours – Amsterdam to Panama). Long flights usually calls for more trips to restrooms.

Also the Leg room advantage. If you are a tall person, You can at least stretch your legs rather than getting crushed in a middle seat of window seat. Anyone  who has experienced leg cramps in long haul flights can relate to this situation.

Also you’re in a best place to strike a conversation up with flight attendants.

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