Here is s tip for an Interrail trip around Western Europe?

Article By Kenny

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Consider just buying all the train tickets in advance. You will need to book  in advance since your route involves crossing the entire country of France twice and using the Eurostar. 

Both require relatively expensive seat reservations. The number of seats reserved for Interrail ticket holders are limited, so make sure you reserve your seats. 

When interrailing in France, you can’t just walk up to the counter at Montparnasse and ask for a seat on the next TGV out to Biarritz. 

So what you need is to plan a ahead.  Interrail passes were great back when you could actually just change your plans on a whim. However, now you simply can’t do that any more in France or Switzerland.

It might work out cheaper if you plan well enough in advance.  To get out of Portugal, use rail europe and (if you can) IDTGV for the crossing of  France. For the Paris-London and London-Amsterdam you can use the Eurostar Website

Also consider using the night trains between Paris and Madrid/Barcelona which will save you a night on your accommodation.

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