What are some tips to get the best airline ticket prices?

Article by Mary

Flying from other airports

Your home airport may not always have the best rates, so consider booking your flight from a nearby city. Some bigger city airports have fantastic one-way and return deals, plus more connections and many competing airlines. Driving somewhere to fly out from may be worth the time.

Best time to book is 47 days before departure

Research, based on over 5 million sold seats last year, shows that the best time to book airline tickets is exactly 47 days before take-off. Other sources show time frame anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. Our personal experience (Europe) shows that some airlines make their cheapest fares available as early as 6 months before the flights.

Clear your browser’s cookies

Some websites track you search history, so they may actually show you more expensive flights just because you are searching for them all the time. Consider searching from different device or clear your browser memory.

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