Whether you’re heading to Australia soon and still need some travel inspiration, or you’re just keen on curating a perfectly sunny Instagram feed that will make you feel like you’re on holiday whenever you have a look at your phone, checking for #australia is always a good idea. Instagram is a  go-to vacation inspiration tool . So let’s dive in and get some Australian sunshine on our screens.

There are many well-established Instagrammers from and in Australia who you will find easily by simply googling “Top 10 Instagrams Australia”, boasting stunning visuals, more often-than-not extremely saturated pictures of gorgeous landscapes, and long exposure shots (usually involving some kind of body of water). Their feeds will make you drool with longing for a trip down under.  Here are a few of them that I particularly enjoyed – and I hope you will, too.


Based in Perth, Ashlee Smith takes us with her on her adventures in and around the capital of Western Australia. Not only does she shoot dreamy pictures of landscapes that will make you want to step right through your phone and into whatever place she’s exploring at the moment, she also takes wonderful portraits of the people around her. What’s more, she’s only 18 years old.


Louise Coghill is based in Western Australia as well, but her shots are often from places further away. In between colourful photographs from places like Indonesia and China.  You can find sunlit scenes from her life (and friends) in Australia. Come here for pretty scenes of down under, for the cute and often thoughtful captions.


Mandy Martin takes you to a place around Gold Coast, which, despite the name is not a strip of beaches, but rather a city in Queensland. Expect lots of pretty pictures of the sun-soaked coast and beaches – exactly what you need to look at on rainy days. Favorite shots of this feed are not the landscapes, they’re the impressive surfing scenes in front of the city skyline.


This account is not showing off the portfolio of a single Instagrammer, but a collection of the most beautiful shots of Bondi beach. They really make you yearn to dip your own feet in these turquoise waters.

Be sure to check out the accounts of Benjamin Lee,  Jesse Lindemann,  iHerokAlec GreenHeart & Salt, and  Steven Manolksis (top left to bottom right), from whose accounts the pictures above were featured!


While Australia’s Instagrams are usually sun-soaked, happy-go-lucky, and radiating surfer vibes, this one shows the darker side of the country. That doesn’t mean that the atmospheric shots – most of them taken in Australia’s biggest cities – are not just as beautiful; in fact, the dramatic images might even increase your wanderlust.


Even though Salty Summits is a rather young Instagram account, it’s worth a second look. Here, travellers Ben and Scout share their impressions of their road trip through Australia in a Volkswagen T5 Transporter, making sure to go on lots of active adventures during the pit stops.


There is this one color combination of teal and a certain kind of orange that always, always draws attention – and Warren Schreiber has it down to a science. No wonder people keep on scrolling through his account – his shots of Western Australia are awe-inspiring.


Cedric’s account is maybe not the most representative of Australian Instagrams, but that’s probably exactly why people like it so much. His shots of dreamy forests and stormy oceans have a kind of vintage feel to them, and the mellow shades and soft lighting add a moody atmosphere. 


Fabio Oliveira has a ton of followers. Look at his pictures! People just can’t resist, his shots of Melbourne and the surrounding areas.


Natalie Sum shows a side to Australia (Sydney, to be exact) that isn’t all that common. Her shots don’t just include landscapes and, duh, Sydney, but delicious foodie flatlays from the city’s best restaurants. It’s definitely an account to keep in mind when looking for restaurant inspiration, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood.

Did these accounts make you dream of Australia ?