7 of the Best Hikes Around Salt Lake City

Utah is known for the beauty of the outdoors and the easy transition that can be made from bustling city to great outdoors in a matter of minutes. Take advantage of this by learning the best hikes around the Salt Lake Valley, and what they have to offer. 

Brighton Lakes

This hike is just under four miles with an elevation gain of about 1,107 feet. Located at the top of  Big Cottonwood Caynon the trail offers incredible views passing by Lake Mary, Lake Martha, Lake Catherine, and Dog Lake. There are only a few steep parts of the trail, making it a great hike for any skill level. 

Mount Olympus

Although the trailhead is easy to access located along Wasatch Blvd, Mount Olympus, is not for everyone. The seven mile round trip rises over 4,000 feet, but the end view is worth the toil. Take in some of the best views of the valley from the summit. For hiking and rock climbing, this trail is best from June to October, but can be tackled by experienced hikers in the winter. 

Ensign Peak

Most anyone who has lived in the Salt Lake Valley has made their way up Ensign Peak This easy yet beautiful hike is perfect for any age. Although the trail is only a mile long, one could spend much longer at the top, taking in the view. Situated just above the capitol, the view of the city and the Great Salt Lake cannot be matched. 

Cecret Lake

Popular despite its name, Cecret Lake is situated above the Alta Ski Area. Hike this during the summer and early fall for the best experience. Starting in June wildflowers begin to grow all along the trail, increasing the beauty of your surroundings. Once you reach the lake, be sure to look for the tiger salamanders swimming there. For those looking for a longer hike, keep going up towards Sugarloaf Peak.

Sugarloaf Peak

A continuation of Cecret Lake, Sugarloaf’s Peak’s summit reaches 11,000 feet overlooking Little Cottonwood Canyon’s famous Albion Basin. Take in the views of Cecret Lake and a good portion of Alta ski resort. Although long this hike is fairly easy, and can be done by those at any stage. Take advantage while on this hike of the close proximity of Devil’s Castle and Mount Baldy, which both offer more of a challenge

Elephant Rock

The trailhead for Elephant Rock is situated just above Bountiful, and is a popular destination for hikers, trail runners, and horseback riding. Expect to cross paths with many people on this path, a large majority with dogs. The trail is just over seven miles out and back with Beautiful views of the mouth of the canyon. Hike this trail during the fall to take advantage of the spectacular fall colors. 

Donut Falls

One of the most popular hikes around Salt Lake City can be found in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The hike to Donut Falls is about three and a half miles out and back, with a breathtaking waterfall view. This hike can be done anytime of the year. If you plan on taking this trail just after a snowstorm, be prepared with snowshoes to make the journey. 

Enjoy !!