Louisville Kentucky Mega Cavern

Article By Erica Griffith

A 1930s mining cavern that’s now a massive underground playground.

You can zip line underground through 17 miles of these Kentucky caves! You can go zip through caves at the world’s only underground zip lining facility at Louisville Mega Cavern

The Cavern was mined in the 1930’s and runs directly under a major highway and the Louisville Zoo. Never thought you could zipline beneath lanes of traffic and a bunch of exotic animals, did you?

Getting this cavern approved not only to house a ziplining facility but just to receive an underground permit took 12 years. That’s a long time. Technically the Louisville Mega Cavern is a building, making it the largest in all of Kentucky. The owners have taken all measures to ensure the caves are as safe as possible. It functions as a green building, using recycled heat from the lights, machines and even humans inside. True to cave standards, it’s pretty cold inside (58 degrees). 

But what exactly can you DO there? There are six Zip Lanes, a dual racing zip and two Challenge Bridges. Plan on spending about 2 1/2 hours doing this! The guides are also very knowledgable about the history and geology facts surrounding the Louisville Mega Cavern. If you want to experience the caverns but don’t necessarily want to fly through the air in the dark, you can take the Mega Tram on a one hour tour of the 17 man made miles of passages under Louisville. 



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