Hi, my Name is Kenny, 

I have been traveling for about 30 years or so. Some of those years with the U.S. Army. Yes I am a veteran of the armed forces, and I served on active duty for 21 years. Being in the armed forces open my eyes to the world of adventure and traveling. 

Throughout my years I traveled alone and with my family.  My first trip as a married man was to the Canary  Islands for my honeymoon. If you never been the beaches are beautiful. One of our first major trips was a family trip to Disney World in Orlando. At the time I was on assignment in Germany, and back then the internet was not like it is today. Lots of research and planning went into this trip by reading and reading. Well you get the point.  We also had our friends from Turkey going with us, so we needed to make sure they had the proper documentation for the trip as well.  It was a wonderful trip and we had a great time. We have been back to Disney several times and have enjoyed everyone of our visits.

My first adventure as solo traveler was to London, through Holland on a ferry. Pretty interesting adventure to say the least. I had a wonderful time in this vibrant city. I attended a a Medieval dinner, and visited some of the major attractions, like London Bridge, and the Tower of London. Being in Europe for ten years I traveled to many countries. Here is just a small sample of them, Italy, Brussels, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, and France.

I few years ago my wife and I backpacked for three weeks by train in Europe,  which was an amazing trip. Lots of planning went into this trip. We visited, Germany, Amsterdam, London, France, Italy, and Switzerland. We have also skied the Alps with our family in Austria, and Germany during the winter months. 

I have sailed to the Caribbean several times with my family, on different cruise lines, and have been to all the islands. One thing I like to do is find things that are off the beaten path,  which again requires lots of time and researching,  because they just don’t standout like your typical tour. I have also traveled to Mexico several times and have stayed at both an all-inclusive and a pay as you go resort. 

I have traveled all throughout the United States, from Boston to California, arranging tours, sporting events, train rides, show tickets, hotels and more. Our last adventure was this past summer. A six month journey across the United States, with stops in Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Lots of National Parks, and hiking and sightseeing where accomplished, along with tours, entertainment and lots of reservations. 

 You see, the average traveler spends hours searching for and comparing available bookings on airlines and on destinations, often forced to make changes with a hope to get a better deal. 

I will do that extensive research to provide you the best value that  money can buy  and, deliver world class service that is beyond comparison, while you take care of everyday tasks. 

 Our company is  IATA/ARC-accredited and have negotiated  prices with most airlines, hotels, car rental companies, tour operators, cruise lines, Theme Parks, and vacation resorts that are not available to the general public.

So, can you see why I am a travel consultant? Its my passion, its what I love to do. Planning trips is a passion of mine, and I would love to help you. Give me call or email me the next time you get the twinkle to travel.

Our team is focused on continuous research and development in travel technology and customer service, to make your experience the best ever. Now get out there, give us a call or email us. 



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