5 Really cool (and cold) things to do in Alaska

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Alaska = love! In case you didn’t know yet,  people can’t stop talking about it. Not when giving a presentation about it for work, not when talking about travel with random people and not even when they see it on one of the many shows at Discovery Channel or National Geographic.  

Ovevr the past years, people have written quite a lot of posts about their favorite US state. However, this one, in which we tell you about 5 really cool and cold things to do in Alaska is very popular. 

1. Glacier flightseeing

When in Alaska for the first time fly up in a bushplane to find a place for a bush camp near the Knik Glacier. If  you have never been in a bushplane before (or, in fact, any other plane smaller than a Boeing 737) you will be in awe by the whole experience. Flying over the glacier, seeing all the immense crevasses and bright blue lakes from above… Within an hour you will be  back at your cabin, trembling from excitement and the great experience you just had. You just can’t go to Alaska without doing one!

2. Seakayaking at Columbia Glacier

Probably one of the coolest things to do in Alaska is kayaking between the icebergs of Columbia Glacier. Kayaking between giant icebergs that calved off Columbia Glacier truly is something magic and not scary at all. 

3. Glacier hiking

Nothing beats glacier walking in Alaska. At least, not at Root Glacier. In the spring its less crowded there in fact you might be the only person on the glacier.  While in New Zealand a group of at least 10 people step onto the glacier every 15 minutes or so. You will see the giant Stairway Icefall and hear the ice creaking. 

4. Glacier cruising

For those who are less adventurous and those who want to see wildlife, make sure to go on a glacier cruise. Not talking about the massive Holland America ones here, but the small boat trips that you can take for a day trip. 

5. Camping at a glacier

Just imagine wanting to be really cool and deciding not to bring a tent, but just your sleeping pad and bag to a wilderness camp at the mouth of a glacier. Then imagine falling asleep, which is quite a challenge because it’s cold and it doesn’t get dark. But then, when you are finally asleep, the most amazing cracking sounds begins and you can hear a giant tear breaking up parts of the glacier. Ice hits the water, you hear the waves break on shore and then there’s an incredible silence. You get up, trying to witness what’s happening but then realize you can’t see it because your contact lenses are in the bear proof bin you brought because the fluids you use for them are perfumed. That is a glacier camping experience. 

I’d promised you cool things to do in Alaska and I told you cool (and cold) things, no? Glaciers cover 3% of Alaska and therefore you shouldn’t miss out on them when you’re there. After seeing many glaciers in Iceland, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, I can truly say from the bottom of my heart that none of them have glaciers that are as amazing as they are in Alaska.

Bear viewing in Katmai National Park. 

The bears that live here are the real deal, the big brothers you see on Nat Geo tv and that will eat you if you are incredibly unlucky. Bear viewing right in their natural habitat is an event of a lifetime. It’s impossible to describe the feeling when those big, furry giants are walking past you at less than a 10 meter distance. Just brilliant!


Well, I hope I encouraged you to go and see Alaska. I know, it’s expensive and for some of you it’s far far far away, however, believe me when I say it’s totally worth it. Ever minute and every penny!




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